The benefits of CBD for dogs have taken center stage in the natural health for pets’ world! Dog owners have discovered that when they give their pup CBD they have a little more swag in their wag! From supplementation to treatment of chronic conditions, CBD for dogs’ products have delivered many benefits. Here are 5 key ways CBD can benefit your dog and why you might want to give it a try!

CBD For Pain Relief And Inflammation

It isn’t easy when your best fur friend is in pain. Whether it is pain from injury, surgery or from a chronic condition, like osteoarthritis; chemically based prescription meds often have dangerous side effects.

CBD is a natural, non-toxic, non-psychoactive alternative for pain relief that you can safely give your dog and you won’t need to worry about overdosing. CBD is also an anti-inflammatory, which is key to reducing pain.

Quality dog CBD products are created with low dosage amounts that you can administer over the course of a day. It is very important in pain management to be able to continually keep the pain reduction level balanced throughout the day and night.

CBD also provides a feeling of calm and relaxation for your dog, allowing for optimum healing and recovery, in the case of wounds and surgery. CBD will naturally keep the inflammation reduced, which will assist in the healing process.

If your dog suffers from chronic pain from osteoarthritis or other autoimmune conditions CBD can be safely dosed daily, without concern of negative side effects!

CBD For Nervous and Stressed Out Dogs

One of the most powerful benefits of CBD is its anti-anxiety property. Many dogs have issues with nervousness and anxiety. They might have behavior issues, like excessive barking, nipping, and various acting out behaviors.

A daily dose of CBD can relieve your doggie’s stress and anxiety and provide an elevation in mood. This can be a huge benefit for your ‘nervous’ dog and you!

CBD For Nausea In Dogs

When your dog is having bouts with nausea due to various conditions, reach for the CBD. The important factor is to just give a very small amount, a small dosage, for your dog’s size and weight. When it comes to treating nausea less is more with CBD.

CBD For Epilepsy And Seizures In Dogs

Possibly, one of the most exciting benefits of CBD for dogs is the possibility of it being a treatment for seizures in epilepsy. This is, of course, also true for humans.

There have been ongoing trials and research into the use of CBD in the treatment of seizures in dogs and the results are very promising! CBD has the potential to be the most effective treatment available for seizures. And the best part is that it is natural and non-toxic!

CBD As A Supplement For Your Dog

An interesting aspect of CBD is that it has a ‘cumulative effect’. This means that daily dosing, over time increases the benefits of CBD in your dogs body (in human bodies too!). This also means that taking CBD as a daily dietary aid can contribute to an overall state of health and well-being!

Have you ever given CBD dog treats to your dog? What was your dog’s experience?

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